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Cal Remolins. Feel the seasons

Feel the seasons. The Seu d’Urgell has designed a new proposal to bring neighbors and visitors to the natural environment. The Ermengol Space-Museum of the City has presented a new cycle that includes four itineraries-workshop with the objective “that its participants live nature with sensitivity every season of the year”, as explained by the City Council itself.

The cycle is called “Feeling the seasons” and will be in charge of Tània Giró. This is a proposal addressed to all audiences to know how to capture nature by all the senses with simple techniques, as detailed its drivers. The workshop will prepare the senses and the mind to be able to contact nature with full attention. The proposal includes a walking itinerary from Seu where “nature will be practiced, will be experimented and will be explored every year”.

The first session of “Feeling the Seasons” will be held on Saturday, February 4, at ten o’clock in a room in the same Ermengol Space with “Feel the winter”. The price of the sessions is two euros.

Published on: 07/03/2017  -  Filed under: Seasons