Apartamentos Rurales Cal Remolins. Apartaments Turístics a Coll de Nargó

Apartamentos Rurales

In Coll de Nargó Cal Remolins Rural Apartments

It is located in the Alt Urgell region. The town of Coll de Nargó is one of the richest in the region in Romanesque constructions, stands out the church of San Climent, declared of historical and artistic interest.

Coll de Nargó is well known for its dinosaur deposit, one of the three most important and promising in the world. In the deposit you can see areas with footprints, fossil plant and animal remains, eggs and dinosaur nests. You can also visit the viewpoint of the Cretaceous, a route through some catwalks to see the history of the passage of time through the evolution of dinosaurs in the area.

During the August there is a descense of “Raiers” (construction of rafts, log vessels, and its waterway conduction downstream) in the river Segre. If you are lover of mushrooms, you will enjoy finding rovellones, mushrooms and all kinds of mushrooms around.

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